“Around the corner from my house sits the former Melville’s Grain Store. Although it has been redeveloped as housing in the last several decades, there still remains some pieces of rail line running through the road, indicating where a railway siding once connected these buildings to the main line. Walking down Colebrook St is seems that, even as these tracks cut their way through space, they also cut their way through time, through the ‘nowness’ I occupy. This incision often puts me in mind of a palimpsest; some strange space where the matter of space and time grows increasingly thin.

At times I imagine that the council has actually tried to remove the railway, but have failed in its attempt; unable, or unwilling, to diminish the relevance of the past to the present. At other times I find myself recalling the photos I saw once of the San Andreas fault line in California, a puckered scar indelibly carved upon the expanse of the Carrizo Plane.”

Shown in 2022 at Rubicon Artspace, Melbourne